Condition Disclaimer

** Condition rating is based on the previous usage, and perceived structural integrity of the boots.


Brand new: The pair is factory new and has never been worn. May come with or without tags.

10 – This pair is in perfect condition, the boots may have been tried on to test the size but never used to play/train in, and there are no signs of wear.

9 – This pair is in excellent condition, the boots have been used for a very minimal amount of time in training/games, you can only just tell they have been worn and they have no flaws affecting performance.

8 – This pair is in good condition, the boots have been used a fair amount and they may have a few minor aesthetic flaws such as marks or scuffs, but no structural flaws and still have plenty of life left in them.

7 – This pair is in average condition, the boots have been used for at least a whole season and have flaws such as marks and scuffs, they may also sometimes have minor structural flaws, it’s clear the boots have been pre-loved however they are still usable.

6 and below – We do not sell any boots in condition lower than a 7.


At NZBR, we aim to provide good quality pairs which have a prolonged life, and we will make clear any flaws with pairs that have been pre-loved. In the unlikely circumstance the boots do not reach your expectations send us an email on and we will promptly issue you a refund if the boots haven’t been worn. 

NOTE: Some older generation model boots have glues and material which may weaken over time and cause splitting or tearing. We undertake thorough condition checking procedures before we list any pairs on our website. We also provide 5 - 6 pictures in each listing which cover all areas of both boots to ensure our customers know exactly what they are purchasing. More pictures are always available, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us at, or through Instagram/Facebook. 

If you wear your boots and they deteriorate sooner than expected, we cannot issue you a refund due to the fact they have been worn. However as long as the boots remain unworn since your purchase they are eligible for a refund.

To date we have had no complaints about any pairs that we have sold. Check out our “happy customers” story highlights on Instagram (@nzbootroom) to see many buyers who have been delighted with their purchase from us.