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Elite Grip Socks - Black

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Why should I bother wearing grip socks?

Grip socks provide athletes with better responsiveness in their movements.

The gel grips increase friction between the bottom of your sock and your boot, which boosts your push off power, and reduces slippage.

Due to the enhanced lock-down grip socks provide your feet, there are less minor movements in your boots/shoes which reduces the likelihood of hyper-extension, blisters, and other injuries.


Why should I choose GripOnz? 

There's a lot that sets us apart from the rest.

Firstly, our socks are made right here in New Zealand by an award winning company.

GripOnz socks use Coolmax™  technology, which is a lot more than just a fancy name. Coolmax™ is an activewear fiber, which sheds moisture much more effectively than other materials - keeping your feet as light as possible.

We have implemented back to back triangles in our grip template, which leads to increased coverage on the bottom of the sock. Our grips also extend up the back of the sock, to help lock your heel in place.

We have stock in three sizes to cater for everyone:

 S:     4US -  8US

M:   8.5US  - 11US

L:    11.5US - 15US