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GripOnz Mini Shinpads

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$23.00 NZD

Sick and tired of wearing bulky shin pads that feel unnatural? GripOnz mini shin pads are the perfect way of giving you sufficient protection and keeping the refs happy, while feeling lightweight and natural. 

Most football players train 2-3 times a week without shin pads on, but are then forced to wear them on match day due to football guidelines and regulations. This results in shin pads feeling uncomfortable for players and in turn affecting their performance. 

GripOnz mini shin pads are the perfect way around this issue and will help you maintain that natural feel on game day. There has already been a large movement towards this style, with many pro players opting to transition to wearing mini shin pads. Neymar, Jack Grealish, Memphis Depay, Dominic Calvert-Lewin - the list goes on and on.


Dimensions: 10cm x 6cm